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Gathering intelligence on competitors and the business environment is an essential part of business planning. Competitive intelligence should feed into all business strategy. Our services are aimed at supporting you in this process - helping you maximise your profits and make your business the best in your industry.

Competitive Intelligence Services

Our CI services focus on competitor and industry research using both secondary and primary source information. Research can involve adhoc studies, to answer a specific question or on-going monitoring, tracking and profiling of key competitors. We can also help you evaluate your own operations through our CI audits. Further information on our competitive intelligence services.

Marketing / Competitive Intelligence Training & Workshops

We offer training in all aspects of competitive and marketing intelligence, including a workshop showing you how to set up your own competitive intelligence process, training seminars on gathering information on competitors through primary research or the Internet and seminars and workshops looking at various aspects of competitive analysis and strategy. In addition, we offer a mentoring service where we can offer help and guidance to your staff, helping them (and you) to overcome any pitfalls or problems encountered in your CI processes. Further information on our training services.

Marketing Intelligence Services

Our marketing intelligence services complement our CI services by helping you put the information into context and use it in strategy. Services include scenario planning, allowing you to build a picture of your industry in five, ten or more years so that you can anticipate and plan for change and SME support services aimed at helping SMEs gather and use market and competitor research information cheaply and effectively in their marketing and strategic planning processes. Further information on our marketing intelligence services.

Competitive Intelligence Training

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We offer in-house Competitive Intelligence Training, customised to your requirements.
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Finding Competitive Intelligence using Online Sources

AWARE consultants are experts at discovering competitor information online and have developed a market-leading course on Finding Competitive Intelligence using Online Sources. This course has been given as an in-house course to numerous companies across industries (IT, publishing, telecoms, chemicals....) and countries, as well as publicly at SCIP annual and European conferences, the London International Online Information Conferences and other similar events.

The workshop has received high praise for its unique approach to finding competitive intelligence on the Internet. The workshop - available as a half-day summary, full day or 2-day in-depth training course with extensive practical online sessions - teaches attendees how to find actionable competitive intelligence rather than just present a list of sources that quickly date. Like all AWARE's in-house training, the course can be customised to focus on industry or competitive area.

For more information on this workshop and how it can help you become a more effective Internet researcher check out our Competitive Intelligence Training and ask us about our courses on finding CI information.


Books - Competitors (Fahey)

Recommended Book

Competitors (Fahey)
Competitors: Outwitting, Outmanoeuvring, and Outperforming
Liam Fahey
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Competitors shows you how to determine what you need to know about competitors, analyse competitor strategy, predict likely next moves and link this into your own operations, avoiding many errors associated with traditional approaches.
Liam Fahey is one of the leading new thinkers on Competitive Strategy and this book introduces Fahey's concept of "competitor learning", giving guidelines for identifying and analysing key competitor data to help gain strategic insights. An important book - that should sit on any CI analyst's bookshelf.

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For more recommendations visit our book selection.

Our services in competitive intelligence research, competitor analysis and CI training will help you integrate and use competitive and marketing intelligence in your business, strategic and marketing planning processes. Whether you need research, advice or training, our mission is to support our clients so that they achieve their growth objectives.

For the best UK & European competitive intelligence and competitor analysis services, contact us today.

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