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Although books and the web are useful for finding information, occasionally it can be difficult to find the answer - especially when the question is specific to a particular CI issue - perhaps applying something described theoretically to a real situation.

Our CI & Marketing Help service - where you can ask a question and get answered by a marketing & competitive intelligence expert - is provided for just these circumstances. We will answer your question for free if it intrigues us or does not require extensive research time or effort. (Note: Terms and Conditions apply - we may refuse to answer questions that we believe could involve illegal or unethical practices. We also will not spend time researching complex questions in the free service - although we will generally try and give pointers to how to do the research. Also, whereas we will guarantee confidentiality for our paid services, we reserve the right to include our answers to free questions as part of our FAQs or in articles we may write).

Over the years, we have been asked for help on a variety of CI related issues. Often we get asked the same question again and again - in different guises. Questions range from topics such as how to find pricing information and what is SWOT, PEST and Value Chain Analysis to queries on what is the difference between knowledge management, competitor intelligence and competitive intelligence and detailed requests for help with competitor strategy. We've collected some of these questions and included our response and you may find the solution on our Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Finally, we include a series of articles, tips and ideas on better practice. These have been published on our pages as a Quick Tip from the right column on many of our site pages, or are selected from our marketing tips newsletter and blog, and cover CI, marketing and general business management issues.

Our Help & Support pages are aimed at supplementing our CI Resources pages, which include a list of recommended web-sites for finding CI, and suggested books on CI and marketing for learning more.

Use our pages to help your competitive intelligence effort, and feel free to use the ideas you find here. Just do us the favour of saying where you found them or linking to us from your own web-site.

Quick Tip: Entrance

Quick Tip

A woman walked up to the manager of a department store and asked. Are you hiring any help? The manager answered: No - We already have all the staff we need! The woman responded: Good - then would you mind getting some one to wait on me?

How is your customer service? Are you risking sales and customer dissatisfaction because the staff you have do not focus sufficiently on your customers? We can all recognise the department store or shoe shop with sales agents busy talking to each other about what they were doing the night before, rather than helping us make a purchase. The same applies to non-retail businesses. Rather than hire new staff, make sure that the staff you have focus on the customers you need.

(For more marketing and business humour, visit our humour pages)


Books - Smart Services

Recommended Book

Smart Services
Smart Services: Competitive Information Strategies, Solutions and Success Stories for Service Businesses
Deborah C Sawyer
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Read our review of this book

The front cover of "Smart Services" includes a quote from Andrew Garvin, the CEO of Find/SVP saying: "Finally a book that nails down what every service business needs to know about competition and competitive intelligence. 'Smart Services' offers competitive information strategies that firms can put to immediate use." I don't think that I could have given a better summary and description of this excellent book.

For a thorough review of this book check out FreePint's book review. (FreePint is an excellent portal site and discussion forum for the overall information industry, and is well recommended - and used by over 70,000 information professionals world-wide).

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For more recommendations visit our book selection.


Competitive Intelligence Training

Do you need to
know more about
Competitive Intelligence?

We offer in-house Competitive Intelligence Training, customised to your requirements.
Find out about our training services today!

Finding Competitive Intelligence using Online Sources

AWARE consultants are experts at discovering competitor information online and have developed a market-leading course on Finding Competitive Intelligence using Online Sources. This course has been given as an in-house course to numerous companies across industries (IT, publishing, telecoms, chemicals....) and countries, as well as publicly at SCIP annual and European conferences, the London International Online Information Conferences and other similar events.

The workshop has received high praise for its unique approach to finding competitive intelligence on the Internet. The workshop - available as a half-day summary, full day or 2-day in-depth training course with extensive practical online sessions - teaches attendees how to find actionable competitive intelligence rather than just present a list of sources that quickly date. Like all AWARE's in-house training, the course can be customised to focus on industry or competitive area.

For more information on this workshop and how it can help you become a more effective Internet researcher check out our Competitive Intelligence Training and ask us about our courses on finding CI information.


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Our services in competitive intelligence research, competitor analysis and CI training will help you integrate and use competitive and marketing intelligence in your business, strategic and marketing planning processes. Whether you need research, advice or training, our mission is to support our clients so that they achieve their growth objectives.

For the best UK & European competitive intelligence and competitor analysis services, contact us today.

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